About Sue

"Breaking our Binary Thinking gives us access to our infinite creative potential and the boundless ability to accept and respect all beings."

"We are not separate from nature. We do not "go out into nature". It is within us, we have the privilege of being a part of its interconnected web. We learn through bearing witness to our own true nature."

"Creativity is cultivated through the process of devotion. Receiving intel beyond the ego-structure requires deep practice, expansive listening and humility."

I'M Sue Hunt

Most would describe me as a compassionate and connected soul. I am an author, astrologer, intuitive, teacher and backyard bee keeper. Being the Creative Director of Rhizo Magazine lights me up! Momma to Kirby and partner to my Leo, Taurus, Scorpio man.

Embodied Writing and the karmic reading of natal charts are my engaged crafts out in the world + Connect to Spirit +

Non-binary worldview is the consciousness design path I have developed over the last 10 years. Hundreds of students have walked side by side on this path with me.

Shall we support one another, community and status-quo in breaking binaries together?

Let's be of service with our own creative skills.  


My story is a winding, non-linear one. Traveling abroad for years after studying Hinduism, Buddhism, Consciousness Studies in undergrad and graduate school; I knew I wanted to live a creative life, true to my water sign nature.

I have spent 15+ years teaching yoga and eastern philosophy all over the US and over seas. We then built our tiny home and lived nomadically for 3+ years.

Finally landing in the home of all homes for us Taos, NM.

Here is where astrology, art, and embodied writing began pouring out of me. Deeply connected to sacred land, sadhana (my personal practice) and place.

Place identity has shaped my teaching, writing and art journey. Always following my Mukti Code, I continue to create and open space for community healing. I stay close to rock climbing, biking, bee keeping, skiing and painting to keep my art practice alive.

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My time sitting with Sue is always profound and transformational. She sets up a personal container unique to me so that I can create a foundational practice that is sustainable. A practice that ranges from deregulating my nervous system to strengthening mind/body/soul in a realistic and attainable way. Using my natal chart Sue guided me to connect with my mental & emotions patterns allowing me to make real and lasting behavioral changes. This work has shifted every aspect of my life for the better. These changes led to my heart opening and I fell deeply in love with myself allowing authentic creativity to flow.  I am beyond grateful for our work together.

T. French

I left my session with Sue feeling really grounded, seen, heard and excited to apply the unique approach outlined in her reading of my chart. New creative work could move through me into the world. It has taken a lifetime to understand the best ways to use my energy. In an hour, based on my natal chart, Sue was able to point out strengths and challenges, of which I was very familiar, but then what to DO about them. I feel more empowered to see my blueprinting as divine design versus hindrance. Her care and nuance around the micro to macro pictures of my life offered potent, detailed guidance. Since then, I have made quantum leaps in the ways I make decisions, the boundaries I hold to preserve my energy and the creativity flowing through feels more like "me" than ever before.

V. Lamorte